Experienced Professional

"I'm a physician and hadn't sought a new job or been on an interview in years. Robyn made my resume so much better and gave me some great interviewing tips. I didn't realize how out of practice I was until we started preparing. Robyn’s coaching and advice ultimately helped me secure a great new position. After I was offered the position, Robyn even helped me prepare for my salary negotiations... and I got a 20% increase! I never would have gotten that without Robyn's help."

Re-Entering Workforce

"After taking a leave from my profession to raise my young children, I consulted with Robyn regarding my desire to return to work. Robyn did an amazing job updating my resume. The entire format was dramatically improved. She not only concisely highlighted my qualifications, but throughout her consultation, she increased my confidence to re-enter my field of practice.

Robyn has a wealth of knowledge about what hiring managers are looking for in candidates and provided insight into what I needed to do to be more marketable and current. I highly recommend Robyn to anyone seeking new employment, no matter the field of interest."

Career Changer

"I've had my resume reviewed and edited by  various people in the past, and I have never felt as satisfied with the result as I did after working with Robyn. She knows just how to capture the big picture and draw attention to the tasks and skills that hiring managers are looking for. Through her approach, I always felt as if I was an active participant in the process of what ultimately was my resume. I also felt more confident than ever in starting my job search knowing that my resume was polished and that I could present my skills and experience in the best way possible to prospective employers."

Parent of College Student

"As we all finally took a deep breath after a frenetic senior year of high school and began adjusting to having a child away at college, our son told us he needed a resume for his summer internship search – and he needed it in 48 hours!

My husband and I are both self employed, and neither of us had prepared a resume in over 20 years. SAT/ACT tutor? No problem. College advisor? Easy! But where were we to go for the "real world" stuff? While our son had a great academic record, played a lot of sports and even had work experience, packaging it all up for him in a resume was a challenge for us.

We fortuitously stumbled upon Robyn, who rose to the challenge of producing a resume that helped our son land a coveted summer internship. Robyn immediately got to work, clearing her schedule to meet with him the very next morning. And by the end of the day, he had a glowing resume ready to present on his interview the very next afternoon!

Our son and Robyn forged a relationship that will continue throughout his college career and beyond. We hope to utilize Robyn to build upon his current resume, hone his interviewing skills and assist in navigating his ultimate job search upon graduating from college. Robyn is simply your "go to" to get your college student on the life track!"

College Student

"Robyn did an amazing job writing my resume and preparing me for my interviews. I went into my interviews feeling confident and prepared. I was so impressed with how quickly she worked and how thorough she was. She caught every little mistake I had made. I am so grateful that my parents hired Robyn to help me!"