Frequently asked questions

Why should we hire you versus other companies?

You can learn more about Robyn’s background on the "About" page, but what sets her apart from the competition is her years of recruiting for Goldman Sachs, a top Wall Street firm, combined with her experience on the business side as a former investment banker.

While at Goldman Sachs, Robyn was heavily involved in making hiring decisions for hundreds of candidates and ultimately rose to the position of Chief of Staff for Global Recruiting. She oversaw much of the firm's recruiting from colleges and business schools, and she was responsible for training new hires and assessing their performance while at the firm. Robyn knows what hiring managers are looking for, what to expect in an interview, and what makes a candidate successful.

In contrast to many career advisors, Robyn has had first-hand business experience. She began her career as a financial analyst and had multiple roles outside of human resources. Because she has been on both sides of the recruiting process – as a hiring manager and as a candidate – she has a deeper understanding of the process.

I'm just starting out. Why do I need someone to help me?

As a student or recent graduate, you have invested a tremendous amount of time (not to mention the financial investment) in your education. And, while you may have had some work experience and internships, this is the moment you are ready to start your career. It's an exciting time, but also a stressful one given the current and highly competitive job market. For most industries, there are more qualified candidates than there are positions. It is imperative to find ways to stand out and demonstrate why you are the right candidate for the job.  

I'm a parent of a student or recent graduate. Shouldn't my child do this on his/her own?
Today’s parents do so much to prepare their children for a bright future. Just think about how much time you have devoted to helping your child reach his or her potential in academics, sports and other outside interests. Combine that with the investment in tutors, test preparation, application assistance, and tuition. But, the most important step is this one – helping your child get that first job. You are almost at the finish line, and we can help by ensuring that your child has all the tools needed to reach this next goal.

Doesn't the school's Career Services Office provide these services?
The Career Services Office at your school can be a great resource, and you should certainly take advantage of all the programs they offer. However, the staff in those offices are responsible for thousands of students as well as alumni and don’t always have time to provide the personalized advice and attention that you will get from us.

I've been working for several years. How can I benefit from your services?
Whether you're looking for a career change, want to move within your profession, or are currently not employed, a professionally updated resume is critical. Now that you have more experience and skills, it’s even more important to ensure that you know what to include and highlight (as well as what not to include).

You also may not have had a formal interview in quite some time. Rehearsing your responses will help you refine your story and be more confident in the interview. We will provide you with a fresh perspective and help you present yourself in the best possible way. We can also help ensure you have a presence and a strong profile on LinkedIn.

I don't live nearby. Can you still help me?
With today’s technology, it’s easy to communicate by phone, Skype, and FaceTime. We can review and exchange documents electronically, thereby eliminating the need for face-to-face sessions. Although it's always great to meet in person, we can do everything we need to do from any location in the world.