About Robyn

Robyn Bass Lavender began her career at Goldman Sachs when she was hired by the Investment Banking Division through the firm's Financial Analyst Program. After two years as an Investment Banker, Robyn began recruiting for the program she had been hired into. Ultimately, Robyn assumed responsibility for managing the Investment Banking Division's Global Analyst Program, including hiring, training and managing the 100+ financial analysts in the program each year.

Robyn took a hiatus from working at Goldman Sachs and earned an MBA from Columbia Business School. She spent a summer internship at Unilever, and eventually returned to Goldman Sachs in the Asset Management Division.

When Goldman Sachs launched a global initiative to restructure its Human Capital Management Division, Robyn was chosen to be on a small team that led this strategic initiative. At the end of that year-long project, Robyn was appointed to be the Chief of Staff for Global Recruiting. In this role, she was a leader in setting and implementing the firm's recruiting strategy.

Robyn has years of experience as a recruiter, and she understands what hiring managers are looking for in candidates. She has reviewed thousands of applications and read countless resumes. She has seen all the mistakes, and even made some herself! Robyn can help you avoid those mistakes and present yourself in the best possible light.